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Re: System Rethink to Include Raid 0

theswede wrote:

And if you continue using your RAID 0 HDD's they will fail too. Truisms are not arguments either way.

Oh no, now I have 7 years left (predicted)

Which says nothing at all, because all it does is guess.

Excuses, excuses. Come up with the real answer next time.

before I had 8 years on the SSD.

Which does not take into account how that particular drive handles internal management of wear and tear, reallocation of cells or any internal management at all. It's only a read and extrapolation from MWI, which is a non-controlled estimate to begin with. SSDlife is for the general case a waste of time as it uses uncontrolled estimates based on uncontrolled marketing influenced estimates to try to give a hard number.

I just got email from them after I showed them this thread. They said not to argue with you because it is a waste of time. Apparently you know more than they do about their software.

If I did the same thing (and I do quite often) to the Raid 0 absolutely nothing would have happen.

If the MTBF of a HDD is 30 years and you have 30 drives, one will fail within a year.

And you that how? Is there a writing on the wall?

2 weeks of heavy use does not destroy HDDs. 2 weeks of heavy use destroyed 15% of SSD.

Except it destroyed nothing at all since you have no failure. You're making a mountain out of a molehill while claiming the mountain ranges which exist are nothing to worry about.


So you would rather want me to continue using it this way until failure? I make you a deal, send me brand new 120GB SSD plus $1000 for electricity use and wear and tear and my time and I will use my SSD to the end.

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