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Re: XF1, buildings at 25th street

In this scene, average metering resulted in .4 stop less exposure, 14.9 vs 14.5 EV. So the shadows in that one match KimL settings, while highlights in the multi-metering match KimL settings. With KimL settings the  exposure was 14.5 EV.

Large is getting better since early EXR days. However if your goal is to show this image at monitor resolution, e.g. 1600x1200, the KimL image looks more 3-dimensional and it's easier to read signs that are not in shadow. But perhaps the large image prints better, especially shadow portions of the multi-metered image.

Overall: six of one, half dozen of the other, unlike the gray house and cars, where the KimL settings were decidedly superior.

homepics wrote:

I took a few more sets of comparison shots today. Here is the first group. A pattern that emerged is that Average meter may result in better pictures after adjustments, but with no adjustment Average (to my eye) results in the picture being too dark. (More to come in a short while.)

Dave, Multi meter, no -ev

Dave Average meter, no -ev


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