E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

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Re: E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

HarjTT wrote:

Now that we've seen the EM1 and with the BG (which looks as if its going to be essential with the bigger FT lenses).. are we looking at a MRP of $1700-2000 for the two ?

If the adapter isn't free then add another 100-150 to the price , and then that's approx cool $1900-2150 for a M43 cam.

Olympus camera division (half dead?) will die an ugly death if they dare sell a "tiny"-sensor camera without significant price difference compared to a 35mmff-sensor camera, me believes.

When comparing similar generation technology, silicon is sold mostly by area. Sensor of 35mmff size costs about 4x compared to 4/3 sensor. Given that condition, and given that good 35mmff OVF is also expensive, Olympus would rake in a huge profit based on BOM only (not including R&D cost), if the price is set close to 35mmff.

But only Apple is capable of selling less electronics for more money. So far.

The EM1 needs to be priced $1,300 or less (body only).

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