(1dx) Best way to use flash in Av mode?

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Re: (1dx) Best way to use flash in Av mode?

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Apologies if this is a simple (atupid) question but it's confusing me at the moment.

1DX on Av mode. Aperture set to 1.4, fine, 580exII in ettl mode.

Just experimenting indoors to get familiar with the flash system and with the flash direct, all I get are hopelessly over exposed images.

I'd simply have expected the camera to work the shutter speed, iso and flash output to get the exposure reasonably ok but it seems to put the iso at 400, shutter speed not particularly fast (sometimes 1/25) and over expose :/

I've reset all camera settings to make sure I'm not doing something silly so I must be missing something ?

Thanks for any ideas


Actually you have 2 problems.

p.125 You have Auto-ISO set. With Flash it goes to 400 (unless that will cause overexposure, then it will be set lower). BTW, it sets it to this because it will prob be able to pick up some background and won't use tons of flash energy, it is a general setting for people who are not in manual.

I highly suggest you don't use Av for flash as it will set exposure to normal and use flash for fill only. This is why the overexposure is happening. It sets exposure to normal because you are making the depth of field as the #1 priority.

Agreed. However if handled correctly AV can work very well. There is pro photog at the POTN forums that strictly shoots AV and gets outstanding results. Again since the ambient exposure is normal the flash just gives the final touch to the subject/s with fill. The image looks more natural, the way your eyes saw it. A nice balance between ambient and the flash. As you know our eyes take several seconds to adjust to a scene while the camera cannot. On camera flash guru Neil van Niekerk has commented on his work several times. That does not happen very often. More than one way to skin at cat. Still I prefer M for indoors but would shoot AV if I had to.

If I can find that thread I'll post it. Been a while.

Here it is. Indoor using Av mode. Post #24 Neil makes a comment on it. Posts #22 and #23 show the reverse ceiling bounce this photographer uses. One of my favourite methods.


Time to step up to Manual mode and set your ISO manually too. With a flash you actually are dealing with 2 exposures, one for the scene and one for what the flash is illuminating. This might help http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEnAhkL0i38

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