HS50 vs SX50

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Re: HS50 vs SX50

Photofreak7 wrote:

thanks for the info ... honestly the Canon holds up pretty well IQ wise to the Fuji and likely has better video but in every other way the Fuji is better ... VF, LCD, assuming DR and rendering of noise/detail at high ISOs.

I can only throw out my experience with the Fuji S8200 which is a non EXR camera, but has the CMOS sensor. It's a good camera and very suitable for 4x6 and 8x10 prints, but not easy to get really good IQ from at upper focal length due to it's tendency to hunt focus.  At one time, I owned a S200EXR and if every setting was correct for the shot, it rendered good, but not great IQ. Honestly, this whole debate on M or L size and ISO leaves one guessing if the right settings were used. In my view, Canon SX40/50 (had the SX50 and returned it as it's IQ was no better than my SX40..sometimes less) make it easier to get good quality IQ regardless of MP size, ISO, and will give sharp images at all lengths. I've seen great images out of both cams and for me, it gets down to camera feel (ergonomics), of which Fuji has always felt good to hold and dive into the menu with easier access buttons IMO.

Below is a few from the S8200 and the SX40 and SX50 for what it's worth.

Shot in digital at the far end

Long distance and evening light



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