Denali Sunset while full moon rises over Mt. Brooks

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Re: Denali Sunset while full moon rises over Mt. Brooks

David Nall wrote:

GregWCIL wrote:

Ken Gosden wrote:

The color reflecting in the lake makes the first one for me. I remember the mosquitoes from my Alaska trips. Reviewing shots at home I first thought I had something on the sensor until I realized those brown smudges moved shot to shot:-)

Well, it is unanimous--the first one is the better photo. Except I entered the second one--more emotional attachment for me as a very special event. Oh well, the judges won't know the first one exists.

I had the moonrise shot printed 2 ft. wide and framed. Its colors will look great in my office. I will probably print the first one a bit bigger and hang it in our great room.

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Greg you might want to fix the stitching error on the right side of Mt. McKinley before you print it. It would be fairly easy to fix using your original single frame of that area. Open it and also open up the pano. Now clone from the single frame to the pano. I fixed it a little and also added the moon to the first shot using that same technique. I didn't notice the stitching error when I voted for the first pic in my first reply. Dave

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View of Yosemite Valley, Bridalveil fall 4 frame vertical pano taken from the tunnel parking lot.

Dave, yes I caught that stitching error before I printed it. Actually, I was doing free trial versions of several stitching programs. I just grabbed the one I posted--not sure which software did it. But I ended up buying PTGui and it stitched it without that error.

I considered cloning the moon into that shot, but I didn't feel comfortable doing that much modifying.

I still get a buzz (no pun intended) looking at both photos because of the memories of that night.

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