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Re: [set#1] XF1 setting comparisons

Homepic, thanks for doing this comparison! These are the only ones I looked at so far. I see you used a tripod, based on the shadow at bottom of image.

The difference between EXR and KimL could be exposure. The EXR is 1/3 stop more exposed at EV 13.1 vs 13.4. With KimL settings everything looks more 3D - not just plants in foreground, but trees in the background as well. I think this is more than can be explained by 1/3 stop different exposure. However the EXIF claims that Auto-EXR selected DR 400%, and KimL EXIF says that Development Dynamic Range = 400.

Dave's settings result in ISO 200, unnecessary f/8, and warmer colors due to film mode "F1b/Studio Portrait Smooth Skin Tone" which I think means Astia. Although the EXIF claims the Light Value = 13.8, when calculating, the EV comes out at 14.8. This is probably a bug in Fuji firmware. I feel the image is underexposed.

Well there you have it: ammunition for those who say EXR is overcomplicated with lousy defaults.

Film Mode : F1b/Studio Portrait Smooth Skin Tone
homepics wrote:

These shots are from the camera, to iphoto, and imported to dpreview. No processing was done. The comparison shots are taken on a tripod, with the timer. This first set compares EXR, Kim's and Dave's settings. The only change from the recommended settings is on Dave's. I forgot the -ev. The pictures were taken in the late afternoon.

I think EXR is out. I don't like what it does with the foreground plants. Dave's looks a little too dark. I am not sure -ev is needed. From other tests I have done, the metering setting of Average tends to result in a darker result than Multi. The pictures were taken in the late afternoon. Anyway, I'll see how Dave's settings worked tweaked with Multi metering instead of Average.




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