New 4/3 lenses

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Re: New 4/3 lenses

Manip16 wrote:

Will there be new 4/3 lenses to the new Olympus OM D camera?

Doubtful. The new E-M1 doesn't use a 4/3 sensor, it uses a m4/3 sensor. Plus releasing more 4/3 glass would only dilute a fairly successful ecosystem that Olympus/Panasonic have been able to build.

From what I understand even the 4/3 mount adapter is sold separately. So it is an optional accessory, they aren't really continuing the 4/3 line just helping out the 4/3 users who got stranded when they moved to m43.

The sensors in 4/3 and micro 4/3 are the same - although the recent micro 4/3 cameras have newer ones - the earlier ones were identical in both systems.  The only difference is the lens mount, and the viewing system, not the sensors.

In fact, the E-P1 and the E-620 were built around the same imaging subsystem, including the sensor, processor, and IBIS.

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