top dial won't change aperture or shutter speed!

Started Aug 11, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Of course you're right

Fishermans Friend wrote:

Do you have a battery grip fitted?

If you do, turn the dial on the grip to change the Av or Tv and as if by magic all will be back to normal on the top dial and you'll be able to change Av/Tv as normal.

It has happened on my 350D and 40D (both are gripped). Turning the grip dial fixes it everytime on both. It hasn't happened that much only once or twice on each.

It's happening in my 7D every now end then. i Have to change the shutter speed from the grip's dial or restart the camera. Is there a specific problem with grips (although i have a chinese one) or is  camera's problem ?
A fellow photographer sudjest that the contacts of the grip need to get cleaned or something. but he also said that canon has a lot of bugs installed regarding third party gear. I also have some problems with my Nissin i866 MK ii, although everything is up to date (firmwares etc etc).

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