Why E-M1 will fail

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Re: Why E-M1 will fail

I find it really amusing how many people adopt "the sky is falling" doom & gloom vision of things. The same (laughable) arguments about how m4/3 is doomed to failure applies across to board to all MILC brands, including Sony, Samsung, Canon, Nikon, and YES, Leica. Not just to m4/3 or to Olympus, or even to this E-M1 camera.

In fact, the same negativity was expressed back when m4/3 was launched, and continues to this day. What's new?

Fact of the matter is, the DSLR market isn't growing either - it may be holding fairly steady in sales terms, but as more and more users rely on their mobile phones to take snapshots, it is taking a toll on all segments of the camera market, not just compacts, or MILCs, etc.

Stagnating / no growth is always the first symptom of an eventual decline. The other side of the same coin is to say the market has matured and has now reached a plateau.

Frankly, the same arguments could be hashed up about any camera segment, and frankly, it seems as though many have also forgotten that Full Frame DSLRs only became truly mainstream recently as a market segment (notwithstanding that Canon had the 5D Mk I back in 2005/6), and that the APS-C sensor-sized segment of the DSLR market is still way larger than the FF DSLR segment. I say this because many like to compare the IQ of FF vs m4/3 and conclude that there's no way m4/3 even comes close, etc. Therefore, m4/3 must be doomed!

It's as if all DSLRs are now FF DSLRs. Not so.

The point I am making is, if the sales of APS-C DSLRs continues to be steady / strong (depending on how you want to see it), it is obvious that a smaller sensor or format (APS-C vs FF) isn't the key determining factor. It's the whole package of IQ, features, size, price, etc. that determines the outcome on an individual basis.

There is obviously a growing consumer acceptance (preference) towards smaller and more compact photographic systems. This includes mobile phone cameras. Canon and Nikon know it as they admit it too, and are now shrinking their (entry) APS-C DSLRs to try to stave off the MILC competition.

This is all good for everybody, as we get to choose what suits each of us.

Remember: the 135 film format (i.e. FF now) was the "too-small-to-be-good" format when medium format cameras ruled the world. And it won commercially because it represented a good balance of size vs quality vs cost, and made photography accessible to the widest market possible. I wouldn't be too hasty to write off the MILCs with the same dreadful certainty some have expressed here.

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