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springsnow wrote:

I want to ask those using the Olympus micro four thirds about its image stabilization feature when using it handheld. How do you feel about it? I have the E-PL5, and many times it seems it's not doing its job. I don't have the most stable hands, but it seems like I get too many blurry pictures as a result of camera shake with my E-PL5 than when I was using my NEX3. Often times I have to push the shutter speed way up, and even bumping up the ISO to 800-1600 on good lighting just so I can make sure I have fast enough shutter speed. Maybe it's just because I suck, but I want to double check with Olympus owners out there, especially if you have other cameras from other manufactures.

With E-PL1 or E-P3 or E-PL5 IBIS I manage about 3 stops better, so the usual min safe unstabilised speed of around 1/300 for 150mm can go to 1/30 for me. Likewise for 14mm the min of 1/30 unstabilised falls to something like 1/3 sec with stabilisation.

I also get the same 3 stops with the OIS of the Panasonic 14-45mm and 45-150mm lenses using the E-PL5 for the latter lens.

But from listening to this forum, some do better and some do worse, I happen to fit the normal pattern that fits the formula.

Same with any other camera that I've tried, the old film rule fits for the 35mm equivalent focal length (no matter what sensor size) unstabilised and then stabilisation makes it from 2 or more stops better depending on camera model.

Regards.... Guy

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