Why you love your DSLR

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Telhma wrote:

I hear what you are saying.

Generally, I don't have a problem with social media (to make this clear), just lack of  time to virtually socialise with way too many people. Actually, the whole concept of 'networking' became such a hype and I even (professionally) stopped almost all activities on LinkedIn. When I was a kid, we used to collect pins, stamps and stickers of animals, later motorbikes....today, 'collecting' people in pastime became almost obsession.

Many here got annoyed with Picasa when it rolled over to G+: loss of privacy and 'unlimited' sharing became concern (until we learnt how to deal with it). When it comes to photography, I still do share it with people I care for: interesting individual photos via email, group via private album and link. It may to a certain degree look as show-off or 'look at me' moment - yet with a though behind, not an impulsive one. And as much as I care when taking photo, selection and some PP is important to finish it off before displaying. As this process does not require instantaneous access to online sharing place , ultimately leaving unrestricted choice of 'tool' to do 'the job'. And even if they are to be deemed as snaps, I somehow like them to have at least technical qualities. Luckily, the 'man bag' has stopped being 'gay' (in times when it was derogatory comment), so I finally can have decent tool with me most (all) of the time.


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