Why you love your DSLR

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I get your point, and in fact, i am not realy having that habit. The camera on my phone is even having less then 1MP, so i never take a picture with it. but if you look around, you just can't deny that the social media is taking part of our life. and it's only there in your free time. I never see messages on my facebook like: I have a wonderfull day att work, in 5 minutes i have a meeting with my boss. the things i see on facebook are like: Tomorrow I am off for 2 weeks to the north. or you see those images with the weather on, taking on all kind of locations around the globe.

And, after all, why we take pictures, and put the efford in it. well: first because it is fun, 2the because of the memory, and 3the because we want to share it with our familly and friends, that's why you put so much time in your picture, you want it to look nice, and not only for your eyes.

So, after all you also use your DSLR to show your pictures to your friends or the world.

BTW, about my post abouve. i mixed up a mirrror less camera with a point and shoot camera a little. I do not even understand people buying a mirror less camera btw. if you still have to cary 3 different lenses, or you have a 70-200 on your camera, the camera will not fit in your pocket annyway, A poiont and shoot with a pancake lens i can maybe understand, but more, no, sorry

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