E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

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A few hopes......

I like most of what I see so far on this camera.

I hope the camera has the following:

  • Tripod mount thread socket in the center of the lens alignment (the off-center one on the EM5 is annoying)
  • I think from the video that there is a PC flash sync on the front (with one of those easily lost tiny plastic covers)- I assume this is it, not a remote shutter port.
  • Same extensive customisation of settings/buttons/dials as the EM5 (will probably have more?)
  • And, most of all, GOOD CAF with 4/3 lenses!!!! It was a worry hearing that "almost as fast as the m4/3" comment...........I'm now having doubts......This is a biggy for a lot of us.
  • Same tank-like build and weather-sealing as the Ex's
  • More responsive EVF than EM5
  • Faster flash sync with FL50R's than 1/160 - or even 1/250
  • Dual card slots! Preferably where we can back-up one to another.

Disappointments so far:

  • I really wish it had a fully articulating screen 

What I really like:

  • Size - the battery grip is just the right size too (just enough bulk to balance the bigger 4/3 lenses (which I'm sure was a consideration in the design). This would be good with my 300/2.8.
  • Button/dial locations

Other concerns:

  • Same batteries as EM5?
  • Will there be another dedicated 4/3 adapter other than that one already available? There were rumours that there would be another. I'd hope a more robust one.

We will soon see, but it's probably already got my money 

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