External disks don't always wake up

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Albert de Bruijn Contributing Member • Posts: 724
External disks don't always wake up

Hoping someone can cast some light an issue I am having.

I have a MacBook Pro Retina with Mountain Lion. When I am at home, I have two 3TB drives connected to it with all my Lightroom pictures (Master and a Backup).

Almost every time my MBP goes to sleep, my drives won't wake up properly when the MBP comes alive.

This is a real pain as I might have Lightroom running, but after awakening my system, Lightroom cannot access the drive. Note the drives do not "eject", the system still "sees" them, but can't access them. For example, Finder shows the drive being there, but when I click them, I get the spinning globe and nothing happens, doesn't open the drive of its contents. Likewise, Lightroom seems to detect the drives are there, but when I try and do anything, Lightroom freezes up.

The only fix I have found so far is either to power down the drives and restart them or do a restart on the whole system.

I used to have two 2TB drives and they did not have this issue. It only started after I upgraded to the 3TB drives.

I've played with some settings I have found - for example, in Energy Saver, I have un-ticked the option to "Put hard disks to sleep when possible", but that does not seem to make any difference.

So my question is "do I have faulty external disks" (remembering I did not have this problem before) or is there some little known issue with 3TB disks?

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