Canon has the technology to make EOS-M2 have best AF in mirrorless

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Re: Canon has the technology to make EOS-M2 have best AF in mirrorless

You are correct that the LCD screen can not be seen well in bright sun. However as it happens the screen in EOS M is the best current (2012/2013) technology created: it is very high res and gap less design (there is no gap between the LCD panel and external glass). Many even more expensive cameras have inferior LCD panels. Yes, it would be possible to use low resolution and less reflective panel with dull external plastic or glass (like those often used in GPSs), but they are not good solution for cameras.

Thus "fix it" should be really replaced by: "IF a new technology appears one day which will allow for better screen to be manufactured"... meanwhile, some people would like to take photos with a camera today. Of course tilting screen, a viewfinder... but this is different story.

Reality check: how many cameras TODAY have LCD screens with better bright light/sun visibility?

sjprg wrote:

None of these things will help IF they don't fix the LCD so it can be seen in daylight. Without this fix the camera is next to useless without destroying the compact form factor.

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