What camera and lens if you could only have ONE for LIFE?

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What camera and lens if you could only have ONE for LIFE?

So if you could only have ONE camera and ONE lens for the REST OF YOUR LIFE what would it be? Obviously this has to be from real cameras and lenses currently available.

It can be a compact P & S, a bridge camera, a mirrorless or an SLR. Not a smart phone though.

My choice would be my Canon 5D (MK1) and 24-105 f4 lens.


I also considered my X100 and maybe something like an OMD-E5 with the 12-50 (but that's just a smaller 5D really and with fiddly ergonomics).

The 5D wins  due to the large and clear viewfinder and the lovely full frame files. The 24-105 lens is pretty good too and a bit more versatile than the 24-70 f2.8 (although I could understand someone opting for that).

Maybe I should choose the 5D MKII or III or 6D but the files are too large and the 6D has the nasty ergos of the 60D ie the clunky back joy(less)pad.

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