Is there a way to switch from 4-digit filenames?

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Is there a way to switch from 6-digit filenames?

What was Nikon thinking?! D600 Filenames have only six digits, so when you reach 999.999 it starts at 000.001 again and this is a huge hassle if you want to compile a best of, or something. I absolutely freaking hate Nikon for doing so because it makes sorting my pictures very, very difficult.


QUESTION: Is there a way to set the filenames to seven or eight digit numbers, or do I have to go through this hassle over and over and over and over and over and over and over again?

And yes, I have another idea for you Nikon Wuzzies: Dear Nikon-Employees, please tape all digets but the last six of your company/rental cars and tell us how well this works for you!

BTW, I am thinking of turning to Canon and selling all my Nikon-Junk and if Canon does 7 or 8 digit filenames then I'm gone. No reviewer ever pays attention to this problem. I am so freaking pawned about Nikon! Why do you make my life so difficult!

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