Canon Powershot S110 or EOS M?

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Marco Nero
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EOS M has some strong benefits...

Peter Berglund wrote:

I'm looking to get a higher end small camera that will be used mainly, but not only, as a P&S. At least half of the pictures will be of our 18 month old daughter but overall I'm looking for high IQ. I currently have a Powershot SX210 IS and will keep it for outdoor shots where the 14x zoom is useful, but the shutter lag makes it difficult to take any shots of our daughter now that she is mobile.

I have narrowed it down to the S110 or EOS M (presumably with the kit zoom lens and a flash).

Any advise and thoughts would be very helpful. Especially interested in Thanks.

Hi Peter.
The main differences between the s110 and the EOS-M is going to be:

  • Sensor size (EOS-M sensor is much larger) - which brings us to...
  • Light Sensitivity (s110 cannot perform in LOW light like the EOS-M can).
  • Image Quality.
  • Depth Of Field (DOF).
  • Speed of operation (the s110 is slightly slower than the EOS-M, more so in low light.
  • Size (the s110 fits in your pocket as a sub-compact).
  • Weight.
  • Image Quality.
  • Need for a flash in low light (EOS-M doesn't need it, the s110 does).
  • The EF-M 22mm f/2.0 Lens on the EOS-M is VERY good if purchased as a kit lens.

I carry an s95 (the predecessor to the s110) on my hip every day and I also own the EOS-M. The main differences that I personally note is the beauty of the images that the EOS-M captures. If you like a strong, shallow Depth Of Field in your pictures, you won't be able to do this with the s110 unless you are shooting a Macro shot.


Shots like this are possible handheld with the EOS-M but would not be possible with the s110 without additional lightsources (ie a Flash)

This is about the limit for the s95 - and this is a fairly well lit scene.  Out of the 8 pictures I took here, 4 were blurred slightly.

The shutter lag isn't there on the EOS-M so, as long as you have locked focus, you can snap away and capture the scene or the subject. AF is good on the EOS-M as long as you have the latest firmware which ships on the present cameras. The s110, on the other hand, is most likely going to be much the same as your other PowerShot camera. But the moment you use the zoom (unless you are in a brightly lit environment), you cut down on the light reaching the lens and risk high noise with a high ISO or a dark image. I've taken pictures in a darkened room with candle light and the s95 gave me a black image whereas the EOS-M was able to capture the shot with an f/2 lens simply because the sensor is so large on it and it therefore gathers much more light. Some of the EOS-M shots that forum members have posted of their children have had exceptional detail in the eyes and hair.

If I had to replace my cameras but could choose only one, I'd get another EOS-M. I've simply found that I get many, many more "keepers" from this camera than any other that I've used.

EOS-M Vs s95 - same WB and same time of day with same subject. Both were subjected to the same Post Processing methods.

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