Will the 4/3rds lenses go up in price?

Started Aug 14, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Will the 4/3rds lenses go up in price?

I'm actually hooping to only bring a few lenses over to m4/3 now that I see it will take the focus, I'm set on using m4/3 as a travel system (already moved my business to Nikon and happy with that).

Looking to unload my 7-14mm Zuiko cheap.

Probably the 50mm zuiko as well.

They are both in mint.

I guess my e30 will go now too.

e5 and e620 eventually.

I'm a strong believer in giving a quick sale and a firm deal, so will probably check ebay going prices over the next few days and price below. Advice would be appreciated.

Is ebay the best place for selling Oly lenses these days?

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