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Re: what use is GPS for a photo?

Paul Auclair wrote:

I've worked in the GIS industry for years. I've spent years out in the field wearing/carrying/using GPS gear collecting GPS data.

I know what GPS is.

Why do folks want(need?) GPS on their camera ( I should say what GPS function(s)?)

GPS data so one can say "Oh yeah, I forgot but now I know that picture was shot in Hawaii?"

I'm not being snarky...I honestly haven't got the foggiest idea what benefit GPS data adds to a photo(other then what I mentioned above) so I'd like to know what else can there be?

It would be great for finding the exact location where a photo was taken - like supposing you were hiking the Long Trail, 272 miles long, or a portion thereof, camping along the way. Being able to see on (say) Google Earth just where you were when you took certain photos might be very interesting or satisfying later on. "Look, here is exactly where we camped." Some people don't much care about being able to do that but it would have value to me.

I can think of other things it would be useful for too. It's not just 'oh, yes, this was taken in Hawaii' but 'this was taken at exactly such-and-such place' which you can go back and look up on Google Earth or something. Suppose you eat at an outdoor restaurant on your trip. Who remembers exactly what they did on which day when it's all over? But if you shot some pics at the restaurant you can see exactly where you were and even what restaurant you were at when you took the shot(s).

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