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Re: what use is GPS for a photo?

HarjTT wrote:

Hi Paul

Glad I'm not the only one that thinks that .. I simply don't see the need for GPS in a camera for taking pics. The only thing i can see i being useful for is when it can call back home to tell you where it when its been lost or stolen.

I have a suitcase of pics from my parents where I don't know who's in them or where they were taken.  I don't want to leave that for anyone.  And in fact I'm perfectly capable of forgetting where a thing was.  Or maybe I'd like to go back and take the pic again.  Or it's a hike I want to record, including where it was.  Or maybe we're driving across country taking some pics as I go; I want to know where I took what.

For a few years  I've used my iPhone one way or another to geolocate.  It would be nice to have it just happen.  And I've got higher expectations for the GPS in the phone than I initially would for a GPS in a camera.

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