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Re: E M1 on BIG lenses

CollBaxter wrote:

If its the E-420 size it might do with a added grip. The grip on the new OMD does seem bigger than the E-420

I do see Olympus problem with sizing make it to big and it will pee off the m4/3 people. Make it to small and it will pee off the 4/3 people. Seeing as they have practically abandoned 4/3 guess which way its going to go.

Lets see what transpires " don't worry be happy" .

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You're surely right about O's problem.  They not only have to satisfy two quite distinct constituencies of "average"  FT and mFT users, and then also extreme casrs like me-who wants to carry two  bodies and a brace of lenses in an discrete little shoulder bag through the streets of Rio and you, who hunts big game with a optical bazooka!

While this camera will be an imperfect solution for either of us, it is likely the best they can do under their straitened circumstances. At leas they seem to have put a lot of thought and effort into the ergonomics of both the body and the add-on grip, they appear to both well-sculpted and effectively used for adequately spaced controls.  (The nicest things about it - the sculpting for fingers and the extra space for them provided by placing the shutter release and front dial on the slanted front -on both grip designs bear a satisfying resemblance to my E-1's grip.)

If the AF (and CAF!) deliver, then will likely be a worthwhile purchase, even for you.  Those great lenses need a new sensor behind them!

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