Best cheapest Panasonic with a long zoom to keep in car

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Re: Best cheapest Panasonic with a long zoom to keep in car

JR, you bring up a very good point. Cars easily reach 140F or more in the summer. While this is tolerable for most electronic circuitry, it is not good for your battery.

High temperatures can cause the battery to fail. If the conditions are right, Li-Ion batteries can fail catastrophically. In addition to the battery you normally use in the compartment with your SD card, there is another internal to the camera used for remembering the date and time. Lose that one and the camera becomes a door stop.

If you are planning to keep a camera (or any other electronic device) in the car, be most careful of excessively high temperatures in the summer.

Very cold temperatures sap the battery capacity, so even in the winter, the batteries will just not put out their normal juice. Moving a cold camera to a warmer location may cause condensation to form internally. This is another bad thing.

Even the Panasonic manual cautions about subjecting the camera to temperature extremes. This is not just for cameras, but your laptop or iPad or cell phone can all suffer from extreme temperatures.

As they say.... Keep your cool...

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