Best cheapest Panasonic with a long zoom to keep in car

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Re: Best cheapest Panasonic with a long zoom to keep in car

Jerry045 wrote:

You have to take these IQ opinions with a grain of salt. My first question would be "What are you going to do with the photos?"

If you expect to sell them to National Geographic, then the ZS series is not the best choice. If you plan to view them on your computer and occasionally print out an 8x10, which is what I do, then the ZS series works just fine. IQ is most adequate.

16MP and good light make for great photos (set it on VIVID). Low light + small sensor is not a winning combination in any brand of camera.

What tool is going to work best for your mission? Only you can answer that one.

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I mainly shoot with Nikon DSLRs.  The IQ of a typical point and shoot, however "great", well...

It's just that I look down at my TZ5 (short story:  I'd dropped it lens extended straight down on the lens on a trip to Utah BAM!! and it appeared to be permanently hosed.  I put it in a drawer, shot with the insurance forward a few years...took it out of the drawer, charged up the battery and it worked!) and think, well, it does take pics but maybe a "modern" Panny P&S is much much better. But, yeah, I have my optimism tempered with the reality of using a point and shoot for anything.

I have to say I refuse to take pics with my phone.  I just won't do it.  And I've had a camera in my car for years and years.  If someone breaks into my car and steals my TZ5, once they look at it they're going to think they're the ones that got ripped off!

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