I'm confused about DX sensors, cropping and lens reach - Help needed

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I'm confused about DX sensors, cropping and lens reach - Help needed

I'm confused about how DX sensors increase the effective reach of your lens. For the way I work with images I don't see how it make any difference whether I am using a DX sensor or an FX sensor or which resolution mode I am working in on my D7100. Can someone confirm my understanding or give the correct view?

Here's how I work in PP with all my D7100 images whether I am shooting in full DX mode (6000 x 4000 pixels) or in 1.3 crop mode (4800 x 3200 pixels). I almost always crop my original image files to give me a final dimension of 2048 X 1365 and I never resample the image to make it larger or smaller. In other words I merely crop away the unneeded parts of every image to leave me with this final image size of 2048 X 1365 px.

Therefore, from a resolution perspective, why should it make any difference at all whether my original image was shot in full DX format, 1.3 crop format, or even whether it was shot on an FX sensor? My final image size will always be the same so what does it my what my original file size was?

If I am correct in my understanding then I don't see any "lens reach" advantage to using a DX camera over an FX camera.

(I am aware that shooting the D7100 in 1.3 crop mode brings performance advantages, especially with respect to the buffer.)



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