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Nice...m4/3, maybe so?!?

I just shot a wedding and used an E5, E3, and, EM-5 (all with grips).

I had 14-35/FL-50R on E5 and 35-100 on E3.

I've done entire weddings with only a 12-60 but brought out and used the heavy stuff for a particular reason.

I decided this job was going to be a test to see if "I" could/should/shouldn't/couldn't shelve the 4/3 gear and use m4/3 only.

I had spent a exclusive sessions with the EM-5 (and 75 1.8, 45 1.8) to see if "I" (meaning results that satisfied me) could use m4/3 for hired work. Answer was...sure why not. Otherwise the second shooter would have used an E1 with 50/2.

The EM-5 was given to second shooter and had on the 75 1.8 all day indoor and outdoor. the 45 1.8 and 12-50(just in case?) were in the bag but not used.

I slung the 2 big guns all day.

When there were lulls I was looking at the EM-5 files and I liked very much what I was seeing.

Very much so that I now know I really absolutely do not 'need' to be hauling around the big heavy guns/glass other than for show.

the 75 1.8 and 45 1.8 (which I bought in black..nice) are funtastic and with EM-5 (i only have an EM-5) get results that satisfy me.

side note-now I really need to see how the m4/ 12-35 2.8 and 35-100 compare with the 4/3 equivalent. I do like the extra stop though of the 4/3 2.0s. maybe Oly makes some m4/3 2.0 zooms for the Pro m/4/3?

I'm quite sure that I do not need to fret about an E5 replacement. What I am fretting about now is whether (where and when) to unload all the 4/3 gear.

the big OVFs are great but there are appreciable advantages with EVFs.  if the EVF4 is what 'they' say it is, then it may be good enough for me.

Will wait to see what the EM-1 officially can do but I'm sure it'll be more than I need and more than satisfactory.

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