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Re: disregard

Oly E10 wrote:

Glad you got it sorted.

Maybe you should detail your solutions to your questions so that others might learn?

I've left an installed copy of Olympus Studio2 on my computer alongside

Olympus Viewer, which I dislike. Never could get the hang of Viewer.

Peter in Canada.

I found a video some kind sole made a while back with older version of Oly software.

It was applicable to Viewer 3(and likely every other Oly app).

You need to click/open an image, from the thumbnail screen, then create(Save) a batch file in that edit screen... THEN GO 'BACK' TO THE THUMBNAIL SCREEN to select(EXPORT) which files to "Load" the batch edits to.

Saving is a pain though because the edited files MUST BE RENAMED OR SAVED IN NEW LOCATION...they WILL NOT SIMPLY OVERWRITE THE ORIGINALS when saving(exporting) from the thumbnail screen. when saving from the editing screen you can simply OVERWRITE the original(S) file(s). weird.

ALSO any editing done in Editing screen is only applied to the file when viewed in Oly software.

the edited file(s) must be 'EXPORTED"(there are no SAVE commands) somewhere with the applied edits in order for them to be actually edited(so that any app will see the file as intended and corrected).

if you do 600 000 edits and close the program there is no "File has been changed. Do you want to save changes" etc., etc, options/pop ups.

I back up files from each camera twice. then i add/copy all those files (say wedding images from multiple cameras) into one big folder for editing. i want to make edits and save (overwrite) the unedited file with the applied edits in that same folder. when i am done editing images in the big folder i can simply save it to DVD (for customer/friend/family). I am not losing the original file(s) as they are saved twice in other folder(s).

I guess I'll need to re-assess my work order with Oly apps.

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