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Re: E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

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Just Having Fun wrote:

I remember when the E-5 came out and many reported that the GH2 focuses slightly faster with the right lens. With many micro4/3 lenses the elements are smaller and lighter and made to focus super fast.

Fingers crossed and the 4/3rds lenses focusing quickly.

Indeed. For owning both the E-5 + 12-60mm and an EM-5 with its 12-50mm, if AF speed in good conditions is the only criteria used - the EM5 combo whips the E-5 + 12-60mm combination a bit like the Hulk whipped Loki across the floor in a well known movie. It's just that it's less reproducible when conditions get worse.

I am just so p*ed about the screen articulation (if it's an EM5 like one, which it seems to be). Plus, they could have put an onboard flash, or at least some sort of onboard RC controller. A little LED light, anything that could control RC flashes. The awful add on flash of the EM5 is very impractical.

Nice buy on the E-5. I might consider another one myself. I do have the E-30 as backup though.

CAF is gong to be the clincher for me, Being a BIG long lenses user it looks a bit small , imagine the 90-250 + EC20 + MMf3 on that size body . Ieeeesh. But then again Olympus does not seem that interested in long lenses at the moment. The other point is how well will it work with the EC's

My mention of the lack of buttons on the back says that most things will be buried in a menu somewhere. There was a thread in one of the canon pro forums where a lot of people did not like a flippy screen because it took button space away from the correct button places on the back of the camera I first though it was being pedantic and then I picked up the E-5 and checked how I shot and realized I use a lot of the buttons even the ones on the left side.

I do not see this as a E-5 replacement for my type of shooting. The new OMD does not look much bigger than the EM5 it appears to have a bigger grip though.

Here is where the problem lies for the long lens 4/3 users.

E-5 + 90-250 keep in mind we normally attach a grip.

E-420 + 90-250

OMD +MMF +90-250


E-420 +90-250

OMD + 90-250

This is the E-30 + EC20 + 90-250

E-30+EC20+90-250 Keep in mind most of us use a grip as well.Yea its big but you should see the canon/nikon version.

Well I suppose we will have to wait and see what transpires but the video did not give me a warm felling on the size I would like. I suppose every one can't be made happy and I will get the shut up and be happy with what I am given . ( The greater good. ) If its the E-420 size it might do with a added grip. The grip on the new OMD does seem bigger than the E-420

I do see Olympus problem with sizing make it to big and it will pee off the m4/3 people. Make it to small and it will pee off the 4/3 people. Seeing as they have practically abandoned 4/3 guess which way its going to go.

Lets see what transpires " don't worry be happy" .

Well not all of us can land the ZD 90-250 for the equivalent of $1,200 USD.  

I rented that lens once and even on the E-5 with grip she is a mighty big piece of lens.  

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