(1dx) Best way to use flash in Av mode?

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Re: (1dx) Best way to use flash in Av mode?

Hi there and thanks for the reply!

phototeacher wrote:

I would propose that shooting at f/1.4 at ISO 400 (which I would say was set by the user, not automatically)

Seems like as soon as I put the flash on, it defaults to iso 400 :/ although sure, I guess I could change it. It seems like a rather weird auto-choice

would result in overexposure in the typical indoor setting, with you subject only a few feet away.

yep for sure that's what's happening

Using Av mode the camera will try to balance ambient light exposure (your slow shutter speed) with flash exposure, and I think that f/1.4 is too wide for the situation. Try using either a smaller aperture,(f/4-5.6) and/or a slower ISO.(200)

I do a lot of wide aperture/small dof work and so this is really a test to see how the 1dx modes suit this. On other cameras, I'd choose Av, 1.4 for the small dof, ISO would be manual 100, and it would try and adjust the shutter speed to compensate but I guess what I'm saying is the 1DX at the moment is getting this horribly wrong with a higher iso than is needed AND a slower shutter speed. That's what's confusing me.

You might also try putting the camera in M and using a shutter speed of 1/60-1/200, ISO 400, and f/5.6 and I think you will see some better results.

For sure you're absolutely right and that's where I may well end up. I'm positive sticking it in M I can choose sensible values, it's just I'm confused at how bad Av seems

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