Was the EM1 design a total mistake?

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Re: Was the EM1 design a total mistake?

Photohobbyfun wrote:

I think the EM1 looks ugly and it seems that many other people do as well. The retro styling Olympus chose with the EM5 and Pen series has been successful and I think that Olympus wanted to hold onto that success with the EM1 but the design looks like a mistake this time around.


Stupid strap holders. Harsher edges up-top and elsewhere have a retro element to them for sure.

In this case I think Olympus should have created a DSLR type of design. That would have been much more appropriate for four thirds lens users and they wouldn't have had to force their retro design into something of a Frankenstein monster.

Panasonic does so much better on body ergonomics, in my opinion (their own recent retro fetish aside...)

Anyway, good to see a new product packed with features from Olympus.

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