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Re: Question about RPP settings

Mark Carr wrote:


I find the most important issue to concern yourself with is establishing a correct white balance. If you do this right the colors are much more accurate than what you'll get out of Adobe CS5/6, at least that's my experience.

Purchase yourself a gray card or something similar, then take a picture of it on a cloudy day. Open the image in RPP, hold down the Option button (this the way it is on the Mac, not sure about PC's) and click on the card. If you want to select a larger area then drag the mouse and create a square or rectangle. The WB reading will be created from this. Save this as a preset. Then open up an image you want to work on and apply this profile to the image, then you have a good starting point.

As far as setting go this is what works well for me

Color - K64

Curve type - color

Sharpness - 10

Local contrast - 5

Interpolation - VCDMF (top button)

Exposure/black point/contrast and compressed exposure vary from image to image

I export as a 16 bit Lab TiFF

I find that raising the local contrast above 4/5 creates halos. With sharpness set to 10 I find the images are heaps sharper than using the sharpening feature of Adobe CS5.5, it's not even close in my opinion.

Hi Mark! I really love using RPP and have had some great results.  I am having a situation that I am confused by, waiting to hear back from Andrey, maybe you can answer sooner because of time zones?  I did a batch process of two main folders (one was newborn images: 1 folder with 17 images, the other was a wedding with 33 subfolders that had images in each folder)

I have my "camera default settings" set to: WB As Shot, L* curve, Exp 1.0, Contrast 10.  I did have the Interpolation as the top setting.

Well, after I spent the entire day editing the images (saving each one with command-I and opening the next with command-N, using copy/paste options when it worked for that folder of image.  I decided to do a batch process of each MAIN folder at the same time: I clicked on the Main newborn folder and the main Wedding folder with 33 subfolders, clicked "Batch Process" and went to bed.

I woke up to beautiful TIFF files for the newborn images, but my ENTIRE Wedding folder had the majority of the images with my default settings, even though I adjusted each image and saved it.

I went back and did just one folder of the wedding images and batch processed the folder and the pictures STILL came out with low exp settings.

I did a reset back to default RPP settings and then reset the Camera default settings. Still having issues and now I can't choose the Interpolation I want.  There are no choices, not even greyed out choices.

Thanks for any help and direction you can give.


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