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Roger Engelken
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Re: Hello upgrade! - Well perhaps another camera.

Craig from Nevada wrote:

greyowl750 wrote:

O baby! Bring on the army of used E-5's !! Ebay, here I come.

I was thinking that the camera would have the opposite effect. In contrast to the E-3 and E-5 upgrades, it is unclear if the EM-1 is truly an upgrade/substitute to the E-5. I think we will know more in the months ahead as people use it and become aware of its strengths and weaknesses.

People who currently own an E-5 might buy a EM-1, but may not part with the E-5 until they are sure it is a substitute/upgrade over their E-5. I think the nature photographers are going to have a struggle with this. I think the landscape will jump more readily. Letting go of the last FT camera and DSLR won't come easy.

Agreed.  I own the E-5, and am not selling it.  I may purchase the EM-1 should it deliver improvement in low light and fast auto focus situations.  Between the two I might just be able to expand my horizons.

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