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Re: Some observations on the video

Mark Chan wrote:

Pulled the video.

I haven't been this excited about a new camera since selling my E-5 and then purchasing EM-5 (NOT directly related, sold E-5 due to AF issues with it THEN new of the EM-5; I did have my EP1.)

Here are a few observations that may or may not overlap what others have mentioned already:

1. PDAF is on sensor - not with any new adaptor as the MMF-3 is used in the video.

2. Size is GH3esque - the grip is larger and rounder than that on my EM-5.

3. There is FULL tethering over WIFI!! OOH!; think EP-5 implementation but full control over all photo settings!

4. I suspect there is tethering over HDMI also, seeing they are using the pegasus screen and illustrating the 5 Axis IBIS.

5. Comparing the LCD screen on the left and that of my EM-5, I suspect it is fully articulated - the two sides of the screen are not alike.

6. The buttons seem more refined and 'tougher' to give that better feel when pressing - those on my EM-5 are correctly described as squishy.

7. I can count 6-7 buttons that may be potentially customizable buttons including one on the mode dial(?); 2 in front; the REC, FN1 and FN2 button; on the left of the camera 1 button for AF/AEL and the on off button;

8. Key phrase as mentioned - AF is nearly as fast on 43s as it is on m43s...

At last I can start considering using my 50-200mm as it was designed for!

I believe they are using "nearly" as fast because many of the MSC Micro Zuikos DO focus faster the SWD Zuikos on an E5. Lenses like the 12mm f2 and 17mm f1.8 focus emmediately and totally silently. I'd be willing to bet the 14-150 M. Zuiko I now use on my E-M5 focuses faster than The E5 and 12-60 SWD I used too use.

If the SWD four-thirds lenses focus as fast on the E-M1 as they do on the E5, many Micro lenses will be faster focusing. It's a more advanced system.

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