E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

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Like a few others

My only curiosity is the AF comment. M43rds is lightning quick, with a bunch of lenses it is clearly faster at SAF (99% of my shooting) than any of my 43rds lenses on my E-3.

So if by nearly as fast as m43rds they mean what I hope they mean, or if they are still cautiously promising little...

Having said that, if the AF is as good as my E-3 Olympus can take my money, they grip bulks it up well, and I can use my entire collection of lenses on one body. Only additional hope, throw an MMF3 in the box

Calling Henrys to make sure I have a pre-order. For me, this is a best case scenario, and the improved wifi tethering is a real killer for my work.


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