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Some observations on the video

Pulled the video.

I haven't been this excited about a new camera since selling my E-5 and then purchasing EM-5 (NOT directly related, sold E-5 due to AF issues with it THEN new of the EM-5; I did have my EP1.)

Here are a few observations that may or may not overlap what others have mentioned already:

1. PDAF is on sensor - not with any new adaptor as the MMF-3 is used in the video.

2. Size is GH3esque - the grip is larger and rounder than that on my EM-5.

3. There is FULL tethering over WIFI!! OOH!; think EP-5 implementation but full control over all photo settings!

4. I suspect there is tethering over HDMI also, seeing they are using the pegasus screen and illustrating the 5 Axis IBIS.

5. Comparing the LCD screen on the left and that of my EM-5, I suspect it is fully articulated - the two sides of the screen are not alike.

6. The buttons seem more refined and 'tougher' to give that better feel when pressing - those on my EM-5 are correctly described as squishy.

7. I can count 6-7 buttons that may be potentially customizable buttons including one on the mode dial(?); 2 in front; the REC, FN1 and FN2 button; on the left of the camera 1 button for AF/AEL and the on off button;

8. Key phrase as mentioned - AF is nearly as fast on 43s as it is on m43s...

At last I can start considering using my 50-200mm as it was designed for!

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