Mac Mini 2012 photo editing with Dell U2410

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Re: Mac Mini 2012 photo editing with Dell U2410

blackthorn wrote:

JHWJR wrote:

The Mac Mini 2012 i7 1TB version with drive the Dell 24" fine with nothing extra. Well within its capabilities. I'm using mine to drive a 30" HP monitor to 2560x1600 (though mine required a special $99) cable and an HP 24" LP2465 next to it with the connection that came with the Mac Mini (Late 2012).

The Mac Mini 2012 i7 1TB handles photo editing very well for me, but I'm using Capture NX2, rather than Lightroom, and I'm working on D800 files (36 MP). For what it's worth, there's lots of great things to say about CNX2, but it's notoriously pig slow.* Yet it's OK on the mini. I think you'll be very happy.

*CNX2 does not "import" images like Outlook "imports" appointments. It makes use of images like Word makes use of Word documents and leave them in their directories. That means each file must be actually opened, manipulated, re-encoded and re-saved. This Mac Mini still does a very nice job of this laborious task. Lightroom imports the files and manipulates them in a more efficient manner (if you don't mind that they were imported, which I do.)

And the computer looks great.

Thanks that is very helpful information.

I might just take the plunge.

Before I ended up exchanging it for the 27" iMac I had the current Mac mini for almost two weeks and it ran Lightroom like it was nothing. The one thing I would strongly recommend though  is for you to at least get the Fusion Drive option or the 256GB SSD. I would never recommend buying a new computer anymore that has a standard magnetic hard drive. It makes a huge difference.

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