E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

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Re: E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

CollBaxter wrote:

3) Buttons. there don't seem the be enough of them . The E-5/3 have all the specialized buttons. It looks more like the minimalistic button layout of the E-620.

Hmmm, it does look to have a lot of buttons still. Aside the the usual Viewfinder/Info/Menu/Trash/Ok/Direction buttons and the shutter, it has dedicated Drive/Bracketing-button, AF/Meter-button, REC-button, FN1, FN2, AEL/AFL, Ring-finger-button, Pinkie-button, plus the lever that switches between two custom settings. Knowing Olympus, there'll be a lot of customisation options.

With regards to the look, it does look like a weird hybrid between the E-1 and OM-1, but from the back and the top it looks better than my E-M5, and that may be the most important bit.

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