Best cheapest Panasonic with a long zoom to keep in car

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Re: Best cheapest Panasonic with a long zoom to keep in car

Jerry045 wrote:

I picked up a ZS19 reconditioned from Amazon for $130 a few months ago. I love it. It has a 20X zoom, takes great pictures and is very convenient size wise. The new ZS25's look really good also. I saw them at Costco for $225 the other day.

I was a touch hesitant buying reconditioned, but with Amazon's return policy, I felt I had an out, just in case.

Their small size make it easy to store out of sight in your car, so sticky fingered folks wont get tempted to reposess it.

There are a plethera of examples of great photos posted on this forum using this camera.

I can't think of any way of getting more camera for the price.

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I have no problem buying "reconditioned/refurbished" I do it all the time.  $130 is an amazing price for that camera.  That's about what I'm looking at, seeing as my venerable TZ5 still does in fact take pics.

With the "ZS" series, I'd read reviews of one model, then the next model, then the next.  Comments like "IQ" is worse on this model (hard to believe it would go down but I'd read that), then another model would be the exact same as another one only with a few more features (that I wouldn't want or need).  I'll check out the ZS19.  Thanks.

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