E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

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Re: E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

Focus of the 12 - 50 kit lens and 45 mm lens on the EM5 is lightning fast in reasonable light.  Much faster than the 12 - 60 on my E3.  I don't have an E5 to compare it to.  I also don't have anything larger than the 50 - 200 so I am not terribly concerned about the size as the size is fine on the EM5.  The controls look more substantial and possibly more robust than the EM5.  Don't know what is in the removable grip for batteries but it is also much larger than the EM5 portrait portion so I am thinking either more than one battery or a larger battery.  That begs the question of if the focus speed obtained with 43 glass is dependent on whatever lies inside the detachable grip?


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