E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

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Re: E M1 on Fourthirds Rumors

First thoughts were its a OMD-e with a grip shoe horned and glued onto it. Not sure about that as it looks more like an after thought (oohh we missed out the grip) and thus not as free flowing as an E1/E3/E5 and kind of makes it look ungainly.

The camera looks really small even with the grip and I' wondering how much space there's going to be when using the larger lenses. Is it still too small ? Its only at 2:18 do you get to see that only with the battery grip are you going to be able to hold the camera comfortably with FT lenses. I wish they had shoved the lens mount way to the left like the E1, that way even at that size using the larger lenses and esp anyone with big hands wouldn't be a problem.

The battery grip looks as if they've merged the E1 and E3's grips and i'd say thats for the better as its going to feel way more comfortable to use. When you see the 14-35F2 on that body and also at 1:25, he can barely get 2 fingers onto the grip. Thats going to make the battery grip as a must have for FT lenses.- it looks as if the grip is going to be essential with the larger HG and SHG glass. Now I wonder how much Oly will charge for that ?

The adapter - I don't like it but if its built to the same quality of the HG and SHG lenses and is supplied free with the camera then it will have to do. Is it just a "dumb" adapter or do you think there's more to it ?

What stood out to me was the statement on the AF performance with FT lenses at 2.06:

"The AF is nearly as fast on Four Thirds as it is on M43.. "

So what does he mean by that . ? Does that mean the AF is slower then the E5 or more accurate in CAF etc etc ? I hope they have really tested the AF and make sure its accurate and fast and not just flippin fast.

Built in WIfi ..will be handy in studio but then I never shoot tethered anyway.

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