Best software for Nikon Coolscan V ED and Leopard?

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Re: Thanks!

Silicon Sam wrote:

Basalite wrote:

Hamrick makes their living selling software. They spend lots of effort updating it to support all the new scanners coming to the market and fixing bugs that have been identified. It is understandable why they would not want someone else giving away their bread and butter.

The older versions of the software are locked with gibberish $$$$ signs all over the images and only work with valid serial numbers, in others words already paid customers. Allowing older versions of Vuescan to be available takes nothing away from Hamrick and his company. Nothing at all. I'm also not the only person that has complained about that.



You mean allowing older versions of their software available for paying customers, or he should just allow his older versions out free on the public domain? Sounds like a really bad idea there.

As I said, the software needs to be unlocked. If you are a paid customer then you would have a valid serial number to remove the $$ signs placed on images. It has nothing to do with anything being "free."

Another thing is he doesn't want you using older versions that may have a bug in it, and then having you complain to him about said bug, when updating the version would fix it.

That's a bogus excuse when all it takes is a simple disclaimer saying tech support is not offered for older versions of Vuescan.

I have been using the software since 2002, but back then the Pro version was $40, and I have been through countless scanners and machines since then.

Yep, so have I.

Just used it last night on my new Mac Pro with ML, and an old Epson 836XL I bought on CL for $20. The scanner is SCSI, and I got a FR1SX Firewire adapter to convert it. Was having issues scanning anything over 200 dpi, but removing the SCSI terminator from the back solved the problems.

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