What do you love most about Pentax?

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Holger Bargen Senior Member • Posts: 2,722
What do you love most about Pentax?

Dear Community!

A lot of people on this forum work with Pentax for many years. We love the equipment Pentax offers to us and many of us grow into a special relationship to this particular brand – we are true Pentaxians!

We have threads in this forum asking what we hate most about Pentax and the name Pentax seem to vanish. We know this from many companies that were bought by other ones. Very often the old name fades out step by step and event thought the old name was a good on we then have a new on.

I think that it is time to think about the things we love about Pentax.

Is the name something important? If I think about Ricoh and cameras I think about second quality. To me they were never first league – not even near it. But Ricoh is a big company and they seem to be willing to face the future. A lot of innovative aspects can be found in their products and so maybe in the future we will find first league cameras with the name Ricoh on it.

So, if the name Pentax will fade out – what do you want save from the Pentax time into the new chapter of photography. What are the things that should stay that will make you stay with Ricoh ne Pentax cameras?

I made my thoughts and these are the aspects of Pentax cameras that are important to me:

- Top quality for the user. This does not necessarily mean that the cameras have to be high end (highest MP number, fastest exposure time,…) but that the cameras have to offer the maximum value for the consumers. Pentax cameras are always easy to use, they are compact and it is a joy to take them in your hands and work with them. They do not quit working even under extreme conditions (I often saw Canon, Nikon or Minolta cameras quit working in environmental conditions were harsh (extreme cold, extreme humidity,..) and my Pentax camera did its work.

- SMC coated lenses. Even though new Pentax glass is too expensive for me at the moment I like the Pentax lenses. You get colors from Pentax glass that cannot be compared with those of other companies – and I like them!

- Thinking back to the time before Hoya Pentax always was affordable to me even though I never had much money. This changed a lot and I would hope that Ricoh will bring back these old Pentax days to us.

- Pentax was a system you can stay with for decades without losing old gear. The PK mount is important to me. It was an absolutely fair move of Pentax to keep this mount for decades and I would hardly buy a camera without this mount.

- Pentax always was fair to its consumers. A small company which was more a friend than a manufacturer or dealer of cameras to me.

- Pentax always was different. They went their own way without trying to copy the Canikon world but to offer something very usable to the world of photography with ideas and technical details you will find nowhere else.

Now it’s your turn! What is important for you if you think about Pentax? Is it the name? Is it the technique? What are the things you would like to save for the future if you would have the power to give Ricoh a hint in which direction development should go?

Best regards


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