When was the last time anyone print your pictures?

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Re: One thing I am missing in prints...

Printing is an art. Yes they different from back lit large transparencies. But the images below could be printed well by the righ person with the right skills, printer nd papers.

ZodiacPhoto wrote:

I am missing the dynamic range, especially when a light source (Sun, Moon, reflections, lights, etc.) are in the picture. Even if they are printed as white and the surrounding area is dark, the print still does not generate the illusion of a "source of light" as digital display does. At one time, I was even thinking about installing a source of light (white LED) behind a curtain parts of my prints, but I never tried.

Here are two examples which I like on the computer monitor or iPad. I printed them, and they look rather dull in prints:

In museums, they place prints under glass with anti-reflective coating, and have a dedicated external source of light - usually a halogen lamp or two illuminating the prints.

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