Why some images aren't DQ'ed

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Re: Why some images aren't DQ'ed

Tim A2 wrote:

William Woodruff wrote:

I tried a bit of an experiment in the "Moon" challenge. I noticed that many (most?) entries did not have a border/title per the rules. So I emailed the host and suggested that he/she blast an email to entrants giving them a heads-up while there was time to fix it. No response.

So I followed up by adding a boilerplate comment to all of the entries that did not meet the rule, and pasting the comment on to each photo. (Note: personally, I couldn't care less about borders and titles, this was just an experiment to see what, if any, response there would be.) The result was that a handful of photos were resubmitted with alterations to meet the rules. By the end of the challenge, there were still close to half of the entries that did not.

Personally, I think that adding a border and title in the border is a PITA; but if a challenge host makes it a rule, the host should police the situation.

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Thanks for your efforts. I just avoid messy challenges and hosts who host them. Your efforts may have done some good, since this host has since dropped the border/title rule. The moon challenge turned turned out fairly well in spite of itself. I see no sign of cheating and your entry has a proper vote distribution that you don't see very often. It is amazing how many challenges turn out as well as they do considering how unbridled, rampant cheating is so pandemic.


The whole challenge thing is a joke anyhow. Sandbagging, fake ID voting, only 10-15% of entrants even seem to be voting, the hosts ignore their own challenge rules and allow everything in. I even got dq'd once because the Eoropean host did not know the subject of my photo and misunderstood it.

I just placed mid pack in a challenge with over 100 entries, and not 20% of them were even remotely connected to the theme.

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It's nice to say that nice pictures are nice. (sarcasm)

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