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ProudDad72Photography wrote:

Thanks for taking the time and explaining your side and view..Ive only done 3 weddings in 2 years for $100 for a couple hours on a regular week day or a Sunday again that doesnt count extra for the pictures after their edited were i make more..I save Saturdays for bigger weddings unless its the dead season... Ive only done about 15 weddings this year so far with about 8-10 more booked for the rest of the year... Most of my weddings are full day Saturday weddings... I have about 15 different ads online and each have there own Pitch of value to different types of clients...The guy who started this post didnt read the ad and had everyone thinking im doing weddings for $100 bucks and is why he gets less business...
My ads are working for me and my work flow keeps doubling yearly almost and i have 3 other photographers wanting to team up and do multiple weddings on dates I usually have to pass up because im already booked..I hate when that happens...
And believe it or not Davids bridal has contacted me from my ads on Craigslist to do Sub contracted work (weddings) for them and they will pay me $50 a hr for my time,but only for 6 or 8 hr shifts,So Its not really worth it to me, because I make more doing my own weddings and editing my own work... But I was happy they offered!
I just did a quick engagement session yesterday and now im booking them for next year from my cheap ad...$100 books for a hour and a half, plus some quick editing tonight.. And they tipped me a bit extra

I guess when you are that cheap a tip is nice to have. I guess you have a full time job because I can't see how you support a family on what you must be earning. Don't your boys miss being with their dad because he is out shooting every weekend?

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hey really . . . I'm only trying to help

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