Why you love your DSLR

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Re: Why you love your DSLR

I just posted on another forum about how I was really feeling weighed down by and tired of my DSLR (5DMIII). I am shopping for a second smaller camera (looking like it may be the SL1). I own a G3, and I rented a X100S last week. And this is why I am trying to sell the G3, and have ruled out mirrorless for my second camera for now:

I like having access to actual buttons/controls (I know that there are mirrorless cameras where you have this, but it is fussier to me, and not as easy to change).

Ergonomically just feels better.

Yes, battery life- at least as far as my G3, it eats batteries so quickly I can't even believe it. I shoot with my Mark III for weeks.

The biggest one for me- faster AF. I can't keep up with my kids with any mirrorless camera I have tried.

I do wish I had a camera I "loved", and I know exactly what that means. I have felt that way about two lenses (both of which I sold due to upgrading to FF). The cameras I see people have the strongest emotional attachment to are the 5D classic, and the D700. I hope someday I get to the point where I have a camera that works really well as a tool for me that I also feel really attached to in that way. It is NOT the 5DMIII, and I can't imagine it would be the SL1.

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