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paulj623 wrote:

There have been a lot of threads lately about never using a dslr again and going mirrorless etc. besides a fast auto focus of the dslr please share more reasons why you love your dslr and have chosen to use it as your main camera as well. I think it is funny that people say they want to leave their best cameras home for vacation which is the opportunity to get your best once in a lifetime shots.

I'm a DSLR and mirror-less and compact owner and use them all.  I don't think I "love" them - I got over that a long time ago.  I like them and like using them, but it's the best tool for the job.  My K5 DSLR is excellent for many purposes.  But the best tool for vacations may not always be a DSLR.

I used to drag a SLR and then DSLR kit around the planet and enjoyed my photography as a solo traveler because I could indulge my hobby as much as I chose.  These days I travel with my family and have less contemplation time than I used to.  I wind up carrying half the kids' gear as well and they just won't wait while I change lenses, change again, get out a tripod, wait for the light......  and yawn, c'mon Dad hurry up.

I also got sick of the size of DSLRs and their IQ per kilo equation when you have to carry them for a long time.  It's not good for general travel - not any more - and I don't follow international sport or motor racing where a DSLR's capabilities stand out.  I just got sick of the kit - the bulky black thing - that I dragged through every plane, customs line, immigration line, taxi, hotel, restaurant, museum and public toilet, day after day after day, for weeks on end.  I don't travel with it any more.

Today, the IQ of mirror-less is no less than a DSLR, as long as the shot is of a type the camera can get.  I recognise too that I'm seeking vacation memories and I'm not publishing or selling.  Do I miss the DSLR on vacation?  Yes, occasionally, but not as often as I thought I would.  And does it really matter, if I miss a macro or a sporting or a telephoto opportunity that held my attention for a tiny fraction of the time?  No, not at all - just take the occasion in a different way.

I've found too that having traveled a little lighter, I enjoy our holidays a little more in the sense of 'being there'.  After so many years traveling with photography as a passion, that's been a revelation.


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