Best software for Nikon Coolscan V ED and Leopard?

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RobBobW wrote:

It is not so much that the Nikon software is "old" but rather that Nikon chose to not provide any updates such that one year after I bought an very expensive scanner, I could no longer use it with a new computer running a newer operating system. That was many years ago. So unless people what to use Nikon's very nice scanners, they are forced to use antique computers with antique operating systems, or use a third party software package like ViewScan.

Depending on how much film one is still planning to scan it may be worth holding on to or buying a used older computer with a supported OS just to use for scanning. I am currently doing that with my Canon FS4000 film scanner with a small HP Slimline desktop running Windows XP that I used before I got my first Mac quite a few years ago. The reason is mainly because that film scanner has a SCSI and a USB 1 interface and the later is painfully slower. I scan raw negative files through Vuescan on that HP running Windows XP and the files are then transfered to my iMac for "developing" in Vuescan, Lightroom and Paint Shop Pro.

Hamrick makes their living selling software. They spend lots of effort updating it to support all the new scanners coming to the market and fixing bugs that have been identified. It is understandable why they would not want someone else giving away their bread and butter.

The older versions of the software are locked with gibberish $$$$ signs all over the images and only work with valid serial numbers, in others words already paid customers. Allowing older versions of Vuescan to be available takes nothing away from Hamrick and his company. Nothing at all. I'm also not the only person that has complained about that.

I have also not found any reduction in performance of ViewScan in the many years since I first started using it.

That's good for you but that has certainly not been my experience with the Canon FS4000. IR dust removal works a bit better on the older version of Vuescan I use and if I try to reprocess raw scans made with the older software with the current Vuescan I get banding. It's unfortunate because the current software is so damn fast on the Mac. It would have been awesome to process my raw scans in the current software with such speed, but not at the expense of image quality.

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