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I tagged along to a wedding with my little X-E1

Some may find my experience interesting ... sorry if you don't.

I was asked to help a pro wedding photog as his backup because his assistance could not make it. Shades of a time gone by for me. I stopped doing weddings myself long ago but was happy to help out. I don't mind backing up because the pressure is a lot less and I have the freedom to be a more creative.

David uses Canon 1D's and gave me one of his spares to use. I fumbled through for about half an hour until I could no longer. My fault, I simply could not get a feel for the Canon and it was absurdly heavy, a lot heavier than even my old S3Pro. I whipped out my X-E1 which I had ready with extra batteries and plenty of cards just in case and backed him up using that.

David is a talented pro wedding shooter and a nice guy but I could tell his was not entirely comfortable with me meandering around using a cam that didn't look much different to what some at the wedding were using themselves. I have to admit I did feel a little strange myself.

Mostly all of mine were available light big DR stuff, mainly indoors hovering between 800 and 1600 iso. For some odd ones I used a Yongnuo flash (I really like those flashes) always off camera and manually with a micro softbox attached to the head, handheld or on a little tripod somewhere.

I actually enjoyed it. It was the first time I had the balls to shoot a wedding with really compact and light weight gear. It also had the effect of not formalizing the mood of the subjects - nobody seems to do anything differently when a small little camera is involved because they really don't think you are all that serious. I quickly learned to use this to my advantage.

Incidentally it was the first time I've ever shot RAW for any length of time with the X-E1.

Anyway, a couple of weeks later after all had been processed and delivered to his client and their orders in, about 50% of the album are images taken by me and my little trusty X-E1, which really surprised me.

Dave was blown away by the IQ of my images, he had a hard time accepting they didn't come from a full frame sensor. Anyway, has now purchased 2 x X-E1's and the full compliment of Fuji X lenses and I've got a standing invitation to help him out any time I want.

I can't post any images just yet until I get his OK, but will shortly I hope.

The experience of helping shoot that wedding with a little X-E1 tells me people still have a perception that expensive pro photography is all about massive sized and heavy DSLR gear. But because of this I felt I was able to 'blend in' to everything that was going on so much easier which resulted in some amazingly natural and genuine captures. I am not a "street photographer" at all but I now can understand what all street photographers say about this very thing with their compact Fuji X cams.

It was a strange experience but I really liked it. I hope people don't mind me sharing.

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